Compare CBD Oils in the UK

Here at Hempanion, we don’t just get behind one brand, we give you the choice of carefully selected brands that are trustworthy, have quality products and support the benefits of CBD in a good way.

We aim to be the best place to compare CBD and full spectrum products in the UK. We carefully add each product and categorise the qualities of each product to make it easy to find the perfect one for you.  Lots of brands display their information differently making it hard to decipher between them without working out things like the percentages of cannabinoids or the method of extraction used.

No need to keep sifting through each brands sales blurb, come to Hempanion and get impartial help and information.

We make it easy by doing all that work for you and building ways to filter your perfect product.

  • Compare the Percentage of CBD
  • Compare Source of growing
  • Compare by the Extraction method
  • Compare by CBD form
  • Compare by Cannabinoids present
  • Compare Flavour
  • Compare Brands of CBD
  • Compare  Organic CBD
  • Compare by CBD carrier oil
  • Compare by Kosher CBD
  • Compare GMO-Free CBD

If there is a certain thing you are looking to compare by, let us know and we can help you out and hopefully help other people by building it in. Let us know if we missed something.

Once more we can compare many different types of CBD products, not just oils:

And compare by my more in our shop, like waxes, terpenes, balms, water and seeds.

Also at Hempanion, we have lots of quality brands to choose from:

And not to worry anyone outside of the UK, not only can we ship most of our products internationally, we are also in the process of adding other countries brands to our site so stay tuned.

We also are building on our guides section where you will find much more about CBD and information around it such as What is CO2 Extraction and what are the Advantages/Disadvantages? if you are looking at buying a CO2 extracted product. We aim to educate as well as support everyone so you can make informed decisions on what to use, after all, you are putting it into your body so we think you should know the truth.

We also have a great search function at the top of each page that gives instant and informative results.

If you think there is anything we can do better or need some advice then get in touch either on here, or you can join our facebook group.

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