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Compare CBD Prices in the UK – Best Value CBD Oils in 2020

Cheapest CBD Oils UK

Last updated on August 25th, 2020

As an independent seller of the best CBD oils in the UK, we are in a unique position to provide a fair comparison of CBD prices between the top UK CBD brands. Unlike most CBD compare guides you find on the internet, we do not base it on the value of affiliate links because we have none! And we also do not have any of our own products to be biased about, so we are in the best position to compare CBD oil prices.

We get asked a lot about the best value for money CBD oils in the UK and we fully understand as the cost is an important factor when it comes to comparing CBD. But what is the best CBD for your money in 2020?

We will go through all the brands we have confirmed to be good quality CBD and compare the value for money of each one. Note, we are basing the prices on the RRP of each CBD product and does not include any CBD sales or offers.


  1. Compare Cannawell CBD Prices
  2. Compare CBD Prices of Provacan
  3. Compare CBD prices of IMPACT
  4. Compare CBD Oil Prices of Love Hemp
  5. Compare CBD prices for HUGG
  6. Compare CBD Prices of CBD Life
  7. Cheapest CBD oil per 100mg
  8. Best Value for Money CBD by Average cost per 100mg CBD
  9. Conclusion

Compare Cannawell CBD Prices

Cannawell is one of the first CBD brands we accepted on Hempanion as being of a very high standard. It was established in 2015 and has since provided nothing but quality for its customers.

You can find out more about our review of Cannawell CBD here.

Cannawell comes up a little more expensive in the averages for the brands but it is one of the best qualities. It is grown in Europe, GMO-Free and is the only one here mixed with Hemp oil for the added benefits that gives.

Best Value for money CBD:  Cannawell’s best value for money CBD is their 30ml Full-spectrum option which comes in at just £5.33 per 100mg.

In the table below you will see the comparison between the full-spectrum oils that Cannawell has to offer. In the blue you have the 10ml bottles and in the red you can compare the price of the 30ml bottle of CBD. As you can see it is much better value getting the large bottles.

Compare CBD Oil Prices Cannawell

Products in Table in order

Cannawell is one of the few brands that that has the option of both pure CBD and Full-spectrum cannabinoids. It is more expensive to extract pure CBD than it is for extracting all the cannabinoids which is why you see a higher price for these oils and it brings up the average for the brand. 

Cheapest Pure CBD: Cannawell’s cheapest Pure CBD is their strongest and largest bottle which is the 30ml 10% strength CBD, it comes in at £6 per 100mg of CBD.

Compare CBD Oil Prices Cannawell

Products in Table in order

Compare CBD Prices of Provacan

Next up we have Provacan, a quality brand with well extracted organic CBD You can view all the Provacan CBD oils here.

Cheapest CBD oil from Provacan: It comes as no surprise that the strongest CBD oil – 24% oil is the cheapest coming in at just £5 per 100mg. 

For the weakest (3%) CBD oil comes out a fair bit more expensive as the price per 100mg of CBD is £8.32.  

Compare CBD prices provacan

Products in Table in order

Compare CBD prices of IMPACT

IMPACT is another quality organic brand, backed by James Haskell( ex England Rugby Player) and made by the same company as Provacan CBD products are.
You can view all IMPACT CBD Oils here.

Cheapest CBD from Impact: Interestingly Impact has a very good value for money on their strongest oil which is 16%. This comes out at £5 per 100mg of CBD which is a decent bit cheaper than Provacan’s similar strength(14%) oil and the same value as their strongest(24% oil).

So if you are looking for something around the 15% mark then this a good bet for when comparing value for money CBD.

IMPACT have both a womens and mens version of the same strength CBD which is why the table shows two 16% CBD and two 4% CBD

Compare CBD Oil Prices IMPACT

Products in Table in order

Compare CBD Oil Prices of Love Hemp

Love Hemp has been around for a long time as a CBD brand in the UK and has a good track record for quality in its CBD oils. It is organic and one of their selling points is that they are all THC Free. It is produced in the USA.  You can view all Love Hemp CBD oils here.

Love Hemp has a wide range of CBD oils and products and also has the advantage of having many of their oils available mixes with either MCT oil, Peppermint Oil, Hemp Oil, or orange flavour oil. 

Best value for money CBD oil from Love Hemp: They have one of the largest bottles of CBD available to the consumer which naturally leads to the value for money of the 100ml 10% CBD oil bottle. This comes out at just £4 per 100mg of CBD.

Being THC free you will find Love hemp to be one of the best value THC free brands if that is what you are after.

Compare CBD Oil Prices Love Hemp

Products in Table in order

Compare CBD prices for HUGG

HUGG is a newer brand to the market aimed at woman but can be used by anyone. They have a lot of interesting products like face masks and massage oils. You can view all HUGG’s CBD here.

Best value CBD from HUGG: For a 10ml bottle this is the cheapest selection in the list, their 14% CBD oil comes in at just £4.93 per 100mg CBD which is not bad.

Their only other CBD oil is the 3.5% oil which comes in at a respectable £7.13 per 100mg CBD for the strength. 

Compare CBD Oil Prices HUGG

Products in Table in order

Compare CBD Prices of CBD Life

CBD Life is another great brand(or we would not have them listed here on Hempanion ;-)) You can find all CBD Life CBD Oils here.

They have a great range of CBD Oils and products and they offer both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD(THC-Free). Most of their oils are mixed with MCT(Coconut) oil.

Best value CBD from CBD Life: naturally the strongest oil they do is the best value for money which is the 20% CBD oil coming in at only £4.50 per 100mg CBD for a 10ml bottle which is great value for money. 

Interestingly this is one of the few brands where the price does not go up as much as the oils get weaker so if you are looking for a lesser strength oil then CBD life offers great value for money with their 5% oil only being £5.99 per 100mg CBD.

Compare CBD Oil prices CBD Life
The blue bars are broad-spectrum CBD and the red bars are full-spectrum CBD

Products in Table in order

Cheapest CBD oil per 100mg

So with all that what is the cheapest CBD oil or the best value for money CBD oil in the UK in 2020?

It comes as no surprise that the biggest bottle comes in at the best value for money which is the Love hemp 10% 100ml CBD Oil. 

Coming in at the least value for money is the small bottle of 2.5% Cannawell CBD only Oil.

Note that this table does not take into account any other factors apart from cost per 100mg of CBD like the benefits of each one. 

Cheapest CBD Oil - Value for money

Best Value for Money CBD by Average cost per 100mg CBD

This is a little bit of a skewed table as it is hard to draw a true representation of each brand because of their different amounts of different strength CBD oils but I thought I would show this table anyway for interest. 

CBD Life comes out on top as the cheapest CBD brand on average with £5.12 per 100mg CBD. I think this is largely because of the cheaper weaker strength oils. 

The rest are much of a like for like, all around the £6 – £6.60 mark so there is not much difference there. This is apart from the Cannawell’s CBD only and smaller bottles. 

As I say this is not the best representation for individual products as they are shown above but it gives a nice idea as to the average over the strengths.

average price of CBD


So there we go, this is the best in-depth guide on the actual prices of CBD in the UK in 2020.

Remember this is raw data and in each brand section I have tried to highlight some of the key advantages or disadvantages of each one but it should be noted that there are other factors that you should consider when choosing a CBD oil apart from just value for money of the cannabinoids. 

These could be things like what cannabinoids you want, flavours, if it’s organic and many other factors. 

All the brands in this guide have been vetted as quality by Hempanion as we do not include poor or dangerous CBD brands.

If you have any questions regarding CBD and choosing it then please get in touch. And if you want to see more of this sort of thing then let us know in the comments. 

I hope this was helpful to you and if you want to support Hempanion and what we do please consider subscribing to our newsletter or purchasing through our store. 

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