Hempanion’s 8 Step CBD Brand Onboarding Process

One of the reasons people love to buy CBD from Hempanion is the fact that we only stock quality brands that we have vetted ourselves and that we would, or do use ourselves as well.

It is great that the CBD Industry is booming but with that comes a lot of bad eggs, unfortunately. Part of the reason we started hempanion was because of all the confusing products out there using different labelling methods, all claiming to be a miracle cure and frankly having very different quality levels.

That’s where hempanion comes in, we vet all the brands before we even think about offering them to our customers so that you can avoid all the lengthy process of working out if a brand is good or not, bypass the sales hype and just compare quality brands to get the perfect product for you. It is also why we have refused many brands that have tried to get on board.

If you want to buy from somewhere other than Hempanion, that’s ok, take a look at our guide of things you need to know before buying CBD, and you can learn the ways to make sure you get a quality product.

Without further ado, here are some of the things we check to validate a new product or brand.


Does it have lab tests?

One of the first things we check is, does it have lab tests and are they of sufficient quality.

We want to see the lab tests of the products that we stock to prove what is in them. Not just the CBD content but also anything nasty like excess heavy metals or harmful bacteria.

Also, who is the test done by, is it a verified 3rd part Lab?

There is no use if the tests are faked or not done in a legitimate way so we check to be sure the products have been tested properly.


What is in the CBD Product?

What is actually in the product is a good sign of quality. We like to see as short of an ingredients list as possible which for most of the oils we stock is just the hemp extract and the carrier oil, sometimes some flavourings if its a flavoured CBD oil.

The ingredients will be longer if it is a moisturiser or topical product but we carefully look for what is in the products to make sure there is nothing harmful or unsustainable.

The extraction process of the CBD also can contribute to what is left inside the product so we aim for only the vest extraction methods.


Does it come from a Quality Grow?

Another thing we look for is whether it comes from a quality grow. This means asking questions like is it organic, is it GMO-Free, and where it is grown.

Not all the products are organic but the ones that aren’t are awaiting certification or are from quality land. To be sure though, that is why we make it easy to filter down organic and GMO-free products.

We want to make sure the products come from good quality farmland, not chemical-ridden low quality grows.


Is it a reputable CBD brand?

There are lots of brands ‘riding the wave’ of CBD and are basically fly by night brands that setup, make their money and disappear.

We make sure all the brands we bring on board are hear to stay. That they have a good reputation amongst users and that they care about the end product and not just making a quick buck off poor quality CBD.

We form a relationship with each of the brands we stock so that we are happy they are right for our customers.


Is it sustainable CBD?

Sustainability is of huge importance to us. With the world how it is, we want to do out part to make a difference.

That’s why we look at the sustainability of the brands to be sure that they are treating the planet nice. We love to see sustainable packaging, fair prices paid with sustainable ingredients.

Is the carrier oil from a sustainable source, is the land the hemp is grown on sustainable and what other ingredients are in the product are all questions we ask.


Is it good value CBD?

As with everything price matters for most people, we want a high-quality CBD oil but also for most of us it can’t break the bank.

That is why we make sure that the CBD Oils we stock are of good value to you whilst still making sure they are good quality.

Yes, we could stock cheaper products you can find elsewhere but those are not something we would choose to put in our body so we choose not to. There are also CBD brands that are crazy expensive, we aim to get the balance in terms of quality and value for money.


Is it inivitive?

There are so many products on the market and CBD oils, we want to offer different things for you. So we ask what sets the brand apart, what does it have that we cannot offer our customers already?

Does it have a different carrier oil? Is it a new flavour we haven’t seen before? or is it an entirely new way of ingesting CBD?

These are all things we look for to make sure we are offing you something worthwhile.


Does it have a good ethos?

A brands ethos is really important to us as it makes a statement about the overall brand.

We want to know what the brand believes in, why it was setup and what makes them tick.

Having a good ethos that believes in helping people, quality products and caring for the world we live in are all things that we at Hempanion think are really important, and we want the brands we sell to share those ideas.


These are some of the things that we look for to build an overall picture of a brand and if it is something we think is worth showing you.

So now you know why we are the number one most trusted place to buy CBD in the UK as we have such a lengthy validation process and why we have refused many brands that we don’t think cut the mustard.

Be confident in the CBD you are buying and buy your CBD from Hempanion, You wont be disapointed.