Provacan Pure CBD Isolate – 1g Tub


  • Contains hemp-extracted CBD powder
  • Laboratory-tested / cannabinoid content verified
  • Designed for high milligram CBD content
  • 100% THC free

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Provacan CBD Isolate – 1,000mg CBD (1g)

The latest addition to the Provacan product range is the CBD isolate. This is 100% CBD and is ideal for a range of different uses.

Manufactured in accordance with Provacan’s strict and rigorous production standards, it is a very high-quality product. If you’re looking to buy CBD isolate UK products to add to your favourite e-liquid, carrier oil or baking, Provacan has a quality product for the job.

Provacan’s CBD isolate is made using 1000 mg of CBD that is extracted from hemp plant material using advanced extraction processes. It contains no measurable amounts of THC and is ideal for those seeking high levels of CBD with each serving. Provacan isolate is conveniently packaged into a 1-gram jar.

  • 1g (1,000 mg) jar CBD isolate
  • Derived from hemp
  • Completely THC free
  • Free of pesticides and other harmful substances
  • Developed in collaboration with leading researchers and institutions in Israel

If you are looking for more you can find a  larger tub here: Provacan Pure CBD Isolate – 5g Tub

How you can take CBD Crystals and isolates

Mix with E-Liquid. Lots of people love to vape and it’s a great way to consume CBD. You can use it pretty much anywhere without anyone knowing a thing. You can mix to the strength you would like to suit your individual needs.

Mix up to 200mg of Crystals per 10 ml E-liquid.

Mix with a carrier oil.  You can mix with your own carrier oil, once again you can mix to your ideal strength. Most people choose coconut or Hemp seed oil but in reality, you can use any sort of oil you like, you could even add it to olive oil for your salad if you desired.

For a 10% strength, just mix 1000mg of crystals into 10ml of your oil. You should then seal the tincture and submerge it into a bath of water at about 50 – 60 degrees, This will help the crystals infuse with your oil.

Leave to cool and use as desired.

Baking with Crystals for edibles. If your baking anyway then why not infuse it with CBD, the possibilities are endless and it’s not that hard.

Just melt some butter on the lowest heat possible and add your desired amount of CBD. Keep stirring for 5 minutes or so until the crystals have dissolved. You can use this butter in any recipe you like! Brownies, cakes, flapjack or whatever you fancy.

Follow us for our cooking series coming soon.

Dabbing is a basically vapourising the CBD much like when someone smokes a joint. It is not normally something for beginners but it does allow for very quick effects and controlled dosing. You get to enjoy the fine taste of the CBD as well.

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