The Story of Hempanion

Hempanion started when the founders, Louie and Matt, were traveling in Switzerland and saw the large range of CBD Products on offer to the Swiss public. Louie and Matt have always had a keen interest in Medical Marijuana and all the potential health benefits it could provide, learning over the years from research and experiences of users in the community.

Louie and Matt are from the UK and have held a strong belief in CBD oil for some time now, and seen the true benefits that it can provide first hand. They are both into the outdoors, with it being the main focus of their lives, whether it be Snowboarding, Biking or just walking in the local hills, experiencing natures wonders is a joy the world gives them.

Being such active people, it naturally takes a toll on their bodies, either through injury or just wear and tear, they quickly found first hand the benefits of CBD and other Cannabinoids for the human body.

The trouble they had was finding the right products for them in a very conflicting market. There are so many companies saying their product is the best and making wild claims that even for people with a good level of background knowledge like Louie and Matt, it was hard to work out what’s what.

With CBD containing products starting to grow in popularity, there are now more products to choose from than ever before, and from our experience, it can especially hard deciphering the difference in what you’re looking at, separating fact from fiction and quality from scams. As a result, it may become hard to choose and a little of putting when all you want to do is choose whats right for you.

That is why they created Hempanion, a place where you can trust the products and easily compare reputable brands so that you can find what is right for you. They have sorted through the best brands, looked up lab tests and asked all the questions you might want to ask and put it in the best way we can so that you don’t have to. Want something specific? now you can without going to dozens of companies separately to find what you want.

On top of the product information, Hempanion is building a clear knowledgebase about CBD and anything around it. There is a lot of conflicting information about CBD products as it is fairly new to the market, Hempanion is here to give you a trustworthy source of information that you can rely on to learn more.

From simple information to the tricky topics Hempanion strives to build a user-friendly community and help guide you towards what you need. We are always on hand to help on our Community Facebook Group, comment sections or any of the methods on our contact page. So if you have a question let us know, because someone else might be thinking the same thing.

About Louie and Matt

Louie is from Guildford in the UK, a keen extreme sports person he puts his body through its paces on a daily basis. Combining his love with sports with his love for nature, Louie is well set for getting involved with CBD. He loves the complex wonders of the world with a passion for growing fruit and vegetables which naturally leads to a hope of growing medical cannabis and hemp, learning more about the growing process of all plants that we can use to keep healthy and strong. Louie had the chance in Switzerland to really see the benefits from low THC and High CBD products available out there for the mind and body. Louie wants to help as many people as he can learn and benefit from the massively versatile cannabis plant

Matt is from Bristol in the UK, also a keen extreme sports person he has been through a fair share of injuries such as a broken back. Keeping old injuries at bay and helping recover from new ones is really what drove Matts interest in CBD products. Not being a fan of conventional prescription drugs, CBD has helped him overcome many of the issues that come with injuries. He has always had a keen interest in the smells and tastes that come from the plant and the effects it has on the body. Matt wants to keep building on what Hempanion stands for and help as many people as possible.

We give back

Hempanion is committed to helping the world by giving 5% of all profits to causes that follow the ethos of Hempanion. Find out more on our Giving page…

We also give a 10% discount for the disabled 🙂 Find out more.

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