Supporting the Cause

We believe that a good business should give back to the world. That is why we are committed to giving at least 5% of all profits to causes that fit what we are trying to do. Whether that be support, research, campaigning or giving products to people that could not otherwise afford them, we just want to give back.

Organisations we work with must follow our ethos.

  1. Must not be for profit. We want to make the most out of what we give so we only give to charities an non-profit groups.
  2. Must be related to Cannabis(/Hemp). We would love to help everyone but we think we are best helping what we know about. So you must be related to the Cannabis industry in one way or another.
  3. Must have good Morals. We want to spread the positive vibes so we will only support those that are interested in the greater good.

If you would like to get support from Hempanion for your organization and think you fall in the criteria then please do not hesitate to get in touch.