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Compare CBD Oils and Capsules – What is best for you?

Compare CBD Oils and Capsules

We get a lot of people that ask what the difference between CBD oil(drops) and CBD capsules. In this guide, we are going to talk about the benefits of each one and help you compare and choose what is best for you in 2020.

For those you you who need the short answer then here is is:

The difference between CBD oil and capsules is that oils are taken sublingually and absorbed into the blood directly, this means you get more out of the CBD you take (see bioavailability of CBD). CBD Oil is also faster acting because of this. Capsules are slower releasing, so they can last longer and have the benefit of being easy to dose and tasteless for if you don’t like the taste of CBD oil.

Compare the Advantage of CBD Drops vs CBD Capsules

There are many advantages of CBD drops over capsules which we go through below. As the most common option of taking CBD, it is usually the first port of call for CBD users. Here we compare the benefits of CBD drops over capsules.

Your body gets more out of CBD oils – Most methods of ingesting CBD don’t offer 100% bioavailability. This means that your body does not use all of the CBD that you consume. There are many reasons for this that we go into more on our article on bioavailability of different methods of CBD, the short of it is though that using CBD drops sublingually(under the tongue), you absorb a lot of the CBD directly into your blood and get more of the used by your body.

CBD Drops are fast-acting – Because you absorb the drops into the blood vessels in your mouth, the effect of the CBD is much quicker which leads to getting what you want out of the CBD quicker.

You can control and adjust the dose of the CBD drops easily – Most CBD oils come with droppers that make it easy to control the dose of CBD you are getting. Because you are just consuming x amount of drops of CBD as your dose, you can easily adjust the number of drops you take up or down. This is great for either getting your perfect dose or for finding what your perfect dose is when you are new to CBD.

There is a whole range of options – CBD drops are the most common CBD product, meaning you have the most to choose from so you can find the most ideal CBD oil for you.

Disadvantage of CBD Drops over CBD Capsules

There are lots of pros to CBD oils, there are also some disadvantages which we will talk about to help you make an informed descision.

Take a bit of getting used to – Most people are not used to taking drops under their tounge, and although it does come very quick, it can be a little of for the first few times for some people.

Not to everyones taste – Raw CBD is not to everyones taste so if you are not a fan of the flavour of it then it may not be the best for you. You can of course also get flavoured CBD drops these days.

Not very descreet – Because you have to drop the oil under your tounge, it is not the most descreet thing to do if you dp not want to get noticed, meaning yo may have ot take youself off to a quite place to take it.

Compare the Advantage of CBD Capsules vs Drops

CBD Capsules are Discreet – If you are taking CBD throughout the day and don’t want others to notice then drops can be a little harder to consume on the sly. The advantage of capsules is you can take it with a bit of water like you would any other supplement or medication which avoids any question or having to take yourself off to a discreet location to take the CBD.

They are easy to dose – Capsules are really easy to dose as they are pre-measured, no accidently mis-counting the amount of drops, you can just take the amount of capsules you want and be done.

Slower releasing – Because the CBD is absorbed through your gut, the effect of the CBD is much slower releasing. This can be good if you want a slow consistent effect of the CBD.

Great for travel – Coming in packets similar to medication it is easy to travel with CBD capsules. No risk of leaking or breaking bottles as they tumble around in your bag. You can just carry them easily and worry-free

No taste – There is no taste to CBD capsules which is a great advantage to many people who do not like the flavour of raw CBD oil. You can get flavoured CBD oils which are great but if you would rather no taste then CBD capsules are ideal.

Disadvantage of CBD Capsules over CBD drops

Like CBD drops there are some disadvantages when you compare to CBD drops.

Best to take routinely – CBD capsules are absorbed in the gut and because of this it is best to take with food or certain times of the day. You can take it any time but if you take it with food then you should absorb more of it as it will take longer to travel through your gut. This means you need to think about it some more rather than just take it at certain times each day.

Slower acting – Because it has to get absorbed through the digestive system, it takes longer to take effect then being absorbed straight into the blood as with drops

Less for your money – There is lower bioavailability with CBD capsules so you may need to take more to see the same effect.

Where to compare and buy the best CBD oil and capsules in the UK

Here at Hempanion, we are not just a trustworthy source of CBD information. We also find the best CBD brands in the UK and vet them for quality. Only then do we add them to our site to offer to our customers.

We are trying to combat low quality and counterfeit CBD products on the market and create a place where people can buy CBD in confidence that whatever brand they choose, it will be quality. We don’t make our own CBD products so we can independently test and verify each CBD brand we take on.

We have also spent countless hours, categorising and standardising all the CBD options so as to make it as easy as possible to compare cbd brands in the UK.

Buy the best CBD Oil in the UK

Buy the best CBD capsules in the UK

Once more we are always here to help, whether you be comparing CBD or if you have questions on CBD itself, you can always get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Hopefully this should help you choose whether drops or capsules are better for you. In general, we think you will get more out of and more bang for your buck with CBD drops. But if you want to avoid the taste or have the ease and discreetness of capsules then maybe that is the way to go for you.

Let us know if you have any questions, or you can take a look out our other in depth CBD guides.

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