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Dosing – How Much CBD Oil Should I Take? Your Complete Guide

Find The Perfect dose of CBD for you

Last updated on August 23rd, 2018

In this guide, we are going to talk about how to dose your CBD, how much CBD you should take and how to achieve the perfect dose for you. 

Because we cannot make any medical claims on this site, we cannot speak for any specific conditions or ailments. This is meant to be a general guide and you should measure the effectiveness of what you are taking against how you feel. If you have been prescribed it then consult your doctor for more CBD dosing advice.

Everyone is Different

CBD and other cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system that is in us all. We are still unsure on the exact way this complicated system works, but what we do know is that it not the same for everyone.

Everyone is different and there are many different factors that could contribute to the different effects of cannabinoids on your body such as;

  • Genetics
  • Body Fat
  • Weight
  • Previous exposure
  • Tolerance
  • and many more

Because of all these factors, we have to adjust our dose depending on how it makes us each feel in terms of the effects we are looking for. You can get advice from us and friends that have tried it but there will always be an element of tweaking the dose to suit you. 

Knowing the strength of your product is key to getting the perfect dose

Top Tip

Follow this guide and you will be fast tracked to your perfect dose.

Watch out for different ways brands use to measure strength.

Different brands measure their strength of oils in different ways. That is why we at Hempanion have gone through every product we sell and standardised the unit of measurement to a simple percentage. It took a lot of maths but we did it so you can compare the strengths of different oils quickly and easily.

Check out our CBD Shop for more, where we only stock vetted and trusted brands. 

The reason you should take this into consideration is that oils come in all sorts of different strengths. Knowing the strength of your product is key to getting the perfect dose. 

If you have one oil that is 5% and one that 10% then you would need to take twice as much of the 5% oil for the same effect. It sounds obvious but it is often overlooked, another reason made the percentage standard on Hempanion. 

If we don’t have the brand you are after and the brand does not state the strength then get in touch and we will work it out for you 🙂

The method you Ingest CBD Matters

How to find the perfect dose of CBD for me

There are many different ways you can ingest CBD and other cannabinoids. Depending on which way you choose, you will have to adjust your dose accordingly.

If you are just starting out then you will work out your dose through a little bit of trial and error. Taking the method ingestion is particularly important for if you have worked out your dose and want to switch to another method of ingesting. 

The reason it matters is the bioavailability of the product which basically is how much of the cannabinoids can be used by your body which varies depending on the method. 

For instance, if one method is twice as bioavailable as another then you would need to take half the amount for the same effects.

You can read our full guide on bioavailability of CBD and other cannabinoids to see the effectiveness of each method.

Start small and build up

This is a key element if you are a beginner especially as you haven’t built up any sort of tolerance to the cannabinoids, so you will need less for the same effects. Which is great because it saves you money.

The first thing you should do to work out your dose is check the brands recommended dose for that product. Then, particularly if you are a beginner then start right at the bottom end of the recommended dose.

If you are a large person or have used cannabis products before you may wish to go slightly higher but if in doubt then start small. 

Although you may feel some immediate effects, the real benefits of cannabinoids come from the long term consistent use of them. it can often take weeks or even a couple of months to reach the full potential. That is why is it good to go slow when working out your ideal dose of CBD.

Top Tip

Whatever dose you start on, keep at it for the first week and see if you notice any benefits.

We recommend taking each dose multiple times a day unless otherwise advised, spreading the dose over two or three periods in a day rather than talking a large amount in one go, should give better results.

Depending on what you are using CBD for, there is an optimum amount of CBD and other cannabinoids for you. the trick is to find the optimum dose rather that just taking loads of it because it can sometimes not be as good as a smaller dose. 

Use the system below to find your optimum dose of CBD.

The Best Way to work out Your Perfect Dose of CBD

  1. Start with the low end of the recommended dose by the brand
  2. Keep taking that dose spread over two or three periods of the day. 
  3. Take the same amount for the first week.
  4. At the end of the week ask yourself the following question. Is the dose helping me with the reason for taking the CBD or other cannabinoids?
  5. If you do not notice much positive effect then up your dosing by a little bit for the next week and go back to step 4 at the end of the week.
  6. If you do notice a positive effect, then great, try upping your dose by a little bit anyway for the next week, at the end of the week, revisit step 4.
  7. If you do not notice an increase in positive effects or any negative effects then stay at the current dose if you are just starting, or go back down to your previous dose if you have increased. That will be your optimum dose!


There are many factors of finding your perfect dose of cannabinoids for you and your symptoms. This is why it is so individual to us all, you can ask friends and us but there it will usually help more if you fine tune it for what you feel.

We hope this guide will help you work out the optimum dose for you so that you can get the most out of every bottle. 

As always if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to comment or get in touch.

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